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Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

To provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment where children learn to love school while mastering age-appropriate concepts and skills needed for future success.

Our Philosophy

Cross Roads Preschool & Kindergarten believes there are three interconnected areas of focus in a quality early learning environment: mind, body and family. Engaging children’s natural interest in the world around them feeds their curious and creative minds. Attending to children’s physical development allows them to focus on learning. And involving the entire family enhances a child’s overall educational experience. With this focus, Cross Roads provides a great beginning for each of its students.

A Great Beginning for the Curious & Creative Mind

Cross Roads exposes children to all educational disciplines in a subtle way consistent with the developmental teaching philosophy. More detail on the approach for each discipline can be found by clicking here.  

A Great Beginning for the Growing Body

We all know that small bodies need food and exercise to grow. Cross Roads provides opportunities for both. Learn more by clicking here.

A Great Beginning for the Whole Family

The school’s continued popularity over the past five decades is due in large part to the warm, family community it fosters. Click here to learn more.