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Music Together

We know how much young children love music! Music isn’t just fun; it’s a powerful learning tool, too. We are excited to be bringing the power of music to your children. Music Together considers singing in tune and moving in time to be a child’s birthright, no different from walking and talking. When music is part of daily classroom life, children benefit in a number of ways. Music develops the child’s mind, body, and spirit simultaneously. Participating in music activities engages the natural learning cycle of play, discovery, repetition, and mastery. It also leads children to adopt approaches to learning that they can generalize to other content: creativity, focus on task, social interaction to solve a problem. Plus, children tend to listen to sung directions, making transitions much easier for children and more pleasant for teachers. The Music Together approach goes deep and wide to bring a rich music environment to the entire school community; children, teachers, and families alike.

Cross Roads PSK is licensed to offer Music Together Introductory featuring Family Favorites.

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