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A Great Beginning for the Whole Family

The school’s continued popularity over the past five decades is due in large part to the warm, family community it fosters.  There is a sense of comfort and belonging that starts with the tone set by the teachers.  The teachers make every effort to support and cultivate a partnership with open communication between the Preschool and the families about all aspects of the child’s home life and Preschool experience.

Most of our teaching staff has been affiliated with the school (as both teachers and/or parents) for more than 7 years.  There is a reason they stay.  They love what they do and they are happy.  The teachers’ happiness is infectious.  The children catch it and inevitably the rest of the family does too!

There are many opportunities for the entire family to learn, grow, bond, share and make new friends.  Parent involvement in the classroom is welcomed and encouraged, especially on special event days like plant days, snow days, vehicle safety days and water days.  In addition, there are numerous opportunities outside the classroom for the entire family to get in on the fun.

We begin the year with a Back to School Night.  This is an evening event where the entire family has a chance to visit the classrooms, chat with the teachers, view the kid’s work and socialize on the playground.  This event has a “back-in-time”, small town feel that everyone enjoys.

On “Pizza Days”, the playground is filled with picnic blankets, parents, grandparents, and children of all ages for a multi-generational feast.  A pizza lunch is served and fun just naturally happens.

The annual Kid’s Fun Run is a Saturday event that has been running for nearly 40 years.  This is a track event where kids can strut their stuff in a mad dash to the finish line.  Participation of non-Cross Roads students is welcome!  Every runner walks away with a prize and a family memory for a lifetime.

The Ice Cream Social offers great fun and fabulous music to set the stage for an entertaining evening for all.  Each classroom puts together a “basket” to be raffled off.  These baskets vary from boys and girls costumes to summer fun to Lego’s to books.  The possibilities are endless.

The Cross Roads community is a big reason families keep coming back child after child from one generation to the next!

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