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Who's On Campus

Administrative Staff

Emily Watson Director

The Director is hired by the Executive Board of Directors and is responsible for the oversight and management of all aspects of the daily operations of the school. This includes teacher training, developing classroom curriculums, overseeing yearly budgets, coordinating special programs and events as well as hiring teachers and staff. The Director reports to the Board regularly throughout the year. Now that you know a little about the Director's role, get to know the wonderful woman who fills this position, both in her own words and from the teachers.

Mindy Cassidy Office Manager

The Office Manager is hired by and reports to the school's Director. As the Office Manager, and Mrs. Watson's right-hand woman, Mrs. Cassidy will likely be the first to greet you on the phone and in the main office. In addition to supporting CRPSK families, she is responsible for the financial management of the school including issuing billing statements, keeping financial and accounting systems current as well as creating and maintaining the school's Board-approved budget. Mrs. Cassidy also manages all student paperwork and records. Learn more about Mrs. Cassidy.

Abbey Estrada Office Assistant

Office Assistant
Birthday: June 18th
Favorite Store: Amazon or Target
Favorite Drink: Chai Tea
Favorite Show: Dateline & Bravo Reality T.V.
Favorite Snack: Anything with peanut butter
Favorite Book: Mysteries
Favorite Sport: Gymnastics & Ice Skating
Favorite Team: NY Yankees
Favorite Restaurant: Sauce & Panera
Do you enjoy getting your nails done? 

Teachers & Assistants

The teachers and assistants at Cross Roads are warm and loving people dedicated to encouraging the growth and success of children. Our staff averages over 7 years with the preschool, which means a stable, quality, learning environment.  Our teachers each have experience working with young children and are trained in the most current early childhood educational practices. 
All teachers are required to possess either a Bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or previous preschool teaching experience. All staff members are First Aid and CPR certified and have a fingerprint clearance card as required by the Department of Health Services. Each classroom is staffed with two teachers.

  • Jessica Jana Time for Two
  • Katie Reeve Teenies
  • Abby Vollmer Teenies
  • Juliane White Teenies
  • Trina Suter Teenies
  • Lori Gillman Mini's
  • Nora Wickers Mini's
  • Janell Beebe Three's
  • Charlotte Pullins Threes
  • Shannon Klemmer Three's
  • Becky Mosher Three's
  • Anita Ward Threes
  • Heidi Roth Threes
  • Ciara de la Rosa Four's
  • Raquel McCarthy Four's
  • Merrily Metnick Progressive Kinder
  • Rebecca Hendrickson Progressive Kinder
  • Pam Kasovac ACTIVE & Mini's
  • Megan Reed Music
  • Katie Hoyle-Avilla Spanish