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Becky Mosher Three's
  1. Cross Roads Classroom: Three's, Orange Door
  2. Birthday: April 21
  3. Born and Raised In: Phoenix Arizona (as were both my parents) 
  4. Years Lived in Phoenix: All my life 
  5. Number of Years at Cross Roads: This is my second year at Cross Roads. I taught the Teenies class last year and am excited for the 3's class this year!

Color: Yellow
Sports Teams: AZ Cardinals, AZ Diamondbacks, Phx Suns, ASU Sun Devils
Animal: ---
Flower: Daisy
Magazine: People
Store: Target, Ross, Walmart
Restaurant: Any, like it all
Warm Drink: White Chocolate Mocha
Cold Drink: Diet Coke, Tea, Gin & Tonic
Sweet Treat: Chocolate
Baked Good: Everything
Salty Treat: Lay's Potato Chips
Lotion Scent: White Shoulders
Candle Scent: Any Gold Canyon
Food Allergies or Sensitivities: No
Hobbies: No hobbies, spend time with family
Craft: I like to cook and bake
Classroom Supply Wishes: Not sure
How Can Parents Help Out the Most this Year: Spending tiem in class making crafts, reading
Anything Else to Know About You?  I love watching old movies and General Hospital