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Ciara de la Rosa Fours
  1. Cross Roads Classroom: Room 5, Red Door, Pre-K/4's 
  2. Birthday: September 30
  3. Born and Raised In: I was born in Glendale, CA and raised in Kezar Falls, Maine. 
  4. Years Lived in Arizona: I’ve lived in Arizona almost 8 years. 
  5. Number of Years at Cross Roads: I’ve been at Cross Roads for 8 years.

Color: Green
Sports Teams: DBacks
Animal: Dog
Flower: Succulents
Magazine: Real Simple
Store: Target, LulaRoe, Torrid
Restaurant: Postinos, Chronic Taco, Spaghetti Factory
Warm Drink: Chai Tea
Cold Drink: Diet Coke, Chai Tea
Sweet Treat: Chocolate
Baked Good: Bagels
Salty Treat: Popcorn
Lotion Scent: Bath & Body Works
Candle Scent: Pumpkin, Apple
Food Allergies or Sensitivities: I am a vegetarian and I really don't like olives or mushrooms. 
Hobbies: Movies, Shopping, Board Games, Crafting, Sewing, Canning
Craft: Yes! All the time!
Classroom Supply Wishes: Baby wipes, Expo markers, Sharpies, Glue sticks
How Can Parents Help Out the Most this Year: Volunteering in and out of the classroom, helping the Homeroom parent.
Anything Else to Know About You?  I love Cross Roads!