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Janell Beebe

Janell Beebe Three's
  1. Name: Janell Beebe 
  2. Cross Roads Classroom: Room 2, Purple Door, Three Day/Three-Four 
  3. Birthday: October 8
  4. Year Olds Born and Raised In: Moline, Illinois - a lovely town right on the Mississippi River, 180 miles SW of Chicago 
  5. Years Lived in Arizona: I have been in Arizona for 27 years. 
  6. Number of Years at Cross Roads: This is my 9th year at Cross Roads.
  7. Educational Background: Graduated 2006 from Glendale Community College with a degree in Early Childhood and a Certification in Child and Family Studies 
  8. Previous Teaching Experience: Prior to Cross Roads, I taught for 4 years in the Head Start program. 
  9. What is your teaching philosophy? I believe in a program rich in language, literacy and the arts. The learning environment should be age appropriate, clean and safe with materials, which encourage exploration, creativity and a "learn by doing" approach. My role as an educator is to encourage, observe and facilitate learning in a nurturing and caring manner. It is my passion to work diligently to make the classroom a loving and exciting place so the children can't wait to come to school. 
  10. What do you love most about teaching at Cross Roads? I love working at Cross Roads with a group of so many kind and caring teachers who have become like my extended family. Everyone is so willing to encourage others to be successful in their work. Also because this facility makes sure the children are loved and safe and always treated in a positive manner.

Color: Red, Pink
Sports Teams: Bears, Cardinals
Animal: Zebra
Flower: Pink Carnation
Magazine: People
Store: Target
Restaurant: Fox Restaurants
Warm Drink: Hot Chocolate
Cold Drink: Iced Tea
Sweet Treat: Milk Chocolate
Baked Good: Cookies
Saltry Treat: Mixed Nuts, Plain Chips
Food Allergies or Sensitivities: No
Hobbies: Swimming, Riding my Bike
Craft: I do lots of embroidery and basket weaving
Top Classroom Supply Wishes: Dramatic Play - doll house, fire house, people/animals; Dolls and doll clothes
How Can Parents Help Out the Most this Year: Playdough, Cutting, Cleaning (wash doll clothes, etc.)
Anything Else to Know About You?  Trying to become more technical!