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Katie Allen Inman Three's
  1. Cross Roads Classroom: Orange Door, Room 3
  2. Birthday: January 11
  3. Born and Raised in: Phoenix
  4. Number of Years at Cross Roads: 1

Color: Pink, Grey, Blue, Orange
Sports Teams: Suns, Diamondbacks
Animal: Elephant
Flower: Lily, Gardenia, Rose
Magazine: Phoenix Magazine, Any Travel Magazine, Sunset
Store: Tuesday Morning, My Sister's Closet, Target
Restaurant: La Grande Orange
Warm Drink: Flat White Latte
Cold Drink: Cold Brew Coffee, Iced Tea
Sweet Treat: Sees Candy
Baked Good: Snickerdoodle, Apple Crisp
Salty Treat: Popcorn
Lotion Scent: Lollia Hand Creme, Aveeno Stress Relief, Anything with Essential Oils
Candle Scent: Lavender, Sandalwood, Cedar
Food Allergies or Sensitivities: No
Hobbies: I play piano, love going to concerts, and love to read. (Spend my free time with my kids)
Craft: I make aromatherapy products
Classroom Supply Wishes: Seeds for planting
How Can Parents Help Out the Most this Year: Be engaged in your child's learning.