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Katie Reeve Teenies
  1. Cross Roads Classroom: Teenies
  2. Birthday: June 4
  3. Born and Raised in: Grand Rapids, Michigan
  4. Number of Years at Cross Roads: First Year!

Color: Yellow
Sports Teams: ASU/Notre Dame
Animal: Dog
Flower: Sunflower, Succulents
Magazine: ---
Store: Target
Restaurant: The Habit, Chipotle, Flower Child, Z'Tejas
Warm Drink: Vanilla Latte
Cold Drink: Iced Vanilla Latte, Diet Coke, Iced Tea
Sweet Treat: Cookies, Hot Tamales
Baked Good: Cookies
Salty Treat: Popcorn
Lotion Scent: Vanilla
Candle Scent: Vanilla, Anything Fall
Food Allergies or Sensitivities: I have Celiac Disease so I am gluten free.
Hobbies: Watching my boys play, sports, yoga, hiking, sporting events
Craft: I wish! I can copy creative people :)
Classroom Supply Wishes: Lakeshore, Playdoh, Letter Stampers, Anything to sort, Do-A-Dot Markers
How Can Parents Help Out the Most this Year: Keep all communication lines open! Happy to have volunteers!
Anything Else to Know About You? I am so excited to be at Cross Roads! I am a mom of 3 awesome boys.