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Liz Losada Teenies
  1. Cross Roads Classroom: Teenies
  2. Birthday: November 8
  3. Born and Raised in: Born in Corpus Christi, TX, Raised in Phoenix, AZ
  4. Number of Years at Cross Roads: First year

Color: Green
Sports Teams: Cards, UT Horns
Animal: Dog
Flower: Gardenia
Magazine: ---
Store: Old Navy/Target
Restaurant: La Pinata
Warm Drink: Hot Tea with Honey
Cold Drink: Iced Tea
Sweet Treat: Almond Joy / White Chocolate
Baked Good: Cookies
Salty Treat: Funyuns
Lotion Scent: ---
Candle Scent: Any Fall Scents
Food Allergies or Sensitivities: None
Hobbies: Go up north. We love water sports.
Anything Else to Know About You? I have 3 kids (14, 12 & 7). We are a busy crew with lots of activities.