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Nora Wickers Mini's
  1. Cross Roads Classroom: Room1, Pink Door, Minis - 2 turning 3 
  2. Birthday: October 27
  3. Born and Raised In: Long Island, NY 
  4. Years Lived in Arizona: More than 20 years 
  5. Number of Years at Cross Roads: This is the start of my 5th year at Cross Roads 

Color: Blue, Green
Sports Teams: ---
Animal: Monkey
Flower: Sunflower
Magazine: People
Store: Target, Amazon
Restaurant: Sauce
Warm Drink: Hot Chocolate
Cold Drink: Arnold Palmer, Frapaccino
Sweet Treat: Chocolate, Chocolate Almonds
Baked Good: Cupcakes, Cookies, Cake
Salty Treat: Lays Potato Chips, Pretzels
Lotion Scent: ---
Candle Scent: Beachy
Food Allergies or Sensitivities: No
Hobbies: I like to read, go to movies, hike and have family time. 
Craft: Not really
Top Classroom Supply Wishes: Nothing right now
How Can Parents Help Out the Most this Year: Help with our classroom parties and reading to the class.