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Nora Wickers

Nora Wickers Mini's
  1. Name: Nora Wickers 
  2. Cross Roads Classroom: Room1, Pink Door, Minis - 2 turning 3 
  3. Birthday: October 27
  4. Born and Raised In: Long Island, NY 
  5. Years Lived in Arizona: 20 years 
  6. Number of Years at Cross Roads: This is the start of my 4th year at Cross Roads 
  7. Educational Background: I received my associates degree in liberal arts from Suffolk Community College and my bachelors in Human Biology from Grand Canyon University 
  8. Previous Teaching Experience: Cross Roads is my first classroom experience. 
  9. What is your teaching philosophy? I have learned that everything is a teachable moment. I love most when the kids teach us. So being present and having fun is my goal with the kids. 
  10. What do you love most about teaching at Cross Roads? I love, obviously the kids, but the families. This is truly a loving wonderful community. Everyone is so kind and really wants to be here. I also work with amazing people.

Color: Blue, Green
Sports Teams: Yankees, Diamondbacks
Animal: Monkey
Flower: Sunflower, Daisy
Magazine: Coastal Living
Store: Target
Restaurant: Sauce
Warm Drink: Hot Cocoa
Cold Drink: Coke, Frapaccino
Sweet Treat: Chocolate
Baked Good: Cookies, Cake
Saltry Treat: Anything Salty
Lotion Scent: Any
Candle Scent: Beachy
Food Allergies or Sensitivities: No
Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, Movies
Craft: I try :)
Top Classroom Supply Wishes: None right now
How Can Parents Help Out the Most this Year: Help with our classroom parties.