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Pam Kasovac

Pam Kasovac Active
  1. Name: Pam Kasovac 
  2. Cross Roads Classroom: Active 
  3. Birthday: March 21
  4. Born and Raised In: I was born and raised in Canada, Edmonton, Alberta specifically, and moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in junior high. I was living in British Columbia, Canada, when I met my husband from Phoenix, AZ. 
  5. Years Lived in Arizona: I have lived in Phoenix for 17 years now, and am an American citizen now. 
  6. Number of Years at Cross Roads: This is my first year at Cross Roads, but I had 3 boys who started at Cross Roads 11 years ago. 
  7. Educational Background: I have a bachelors of science in Kinesiology, at the University Of Saskatchewan, Canada 
  8. Previous Teaching Experience: Previously I worked with special needs Seniors, adults, children, and recently preschoolers with visual impairments, helping them work and move their bodies to stay healthy. 
  9. What is your teaching philosophy? My philosophy is to help the students have fun moving their bodies while also learning how to take care of the body, so they can continue in a healthy direction throughout their lives. 
  10. What do you love most about teaching at Cross Roads? Cross Roads is an amazing place that feels like family when you walk in the doors. I felt right at home coming back after being away for many years. The teachers are amazing and I’m excited to have Emily directing our school. I am also amazed at all the parental involvement at this school and how much they help us out.

Color: Purple
Sports Teams: Uof A anything
Animal: Dogs, Smaller Animals
Flower: Any Kind of Bouquet
Magazine: People
Store: Nordstrom Rack, Target
Restaurant: Pita Jungle, Zoe's Kitchen, Luci's, Postino's
Warm Drink: Coffee with Almond or Coconut Milk
Cold Drink: Flavored Tea with Splenda, Wine
Sweet Treat: Chocolate Anything
Baked Good: Granola, Fruit
Saltry Treat: Pretzels
Lotion Scent: Bath & Body Coconut
Candle Scent: Vanilla, Holiday Scents
Food Allergies or Sensitivities: None
Hobbies: Activities with Kids, Running, Hiking, Sports Events, Movies, Books on Parenting, Marriage, etc. 
Craft: Just what is needed for the classroom
Top Classroom Supply Wishes: Don't know yet, will be searching around to see what I have
How Can Parents Help Out the Most this Year: They are welcome to give me more ideas of things kids are doing at home.