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Clementina Pena Spanish & Minis
  1. Cross Roads Classroom: Spanish & Mini's
  2. Birthday: August 28
  3. Born and Raised In: I was born in Tucson and was raised in Phoenix. 
  4. Years Lived in Arizona: My entire life. 
  5. Number of Years at Cross Roads: This is my second year at Cross Roads. 

Color: Blue
Sports Teams: Mercury
Animal: Dog
Flower: Rose
Magazine: Dr. Oz
Store: Ross
Restaurant: Manuel's
Warm Drink: Coffee
Cold Drink: Tea
Sweet Treat: Gluten Free
Baked Good: Gluten Free
Salty Treat: Popcorn
Lotion Scent: Fragrance Free
Candle Scent: No - Can't Do
Food Allergies or Sensitivities: Gluten and fragrance free
Hobbies: Movies and reading and walking for exercise
Craft: No
Classroom Supply Wishes: Spanish/English PreK Books
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